Music and Therapy

Kim Doron playing Guitar

I have many years of experience as a singer and music teacher and I particularly enjoy incorporating these skills into my therapy sessions. Music is engaging, familiar, rhythmic, and it stimulates various senses. It often has a calming effect on children, helping them to attend, listen and learn.

While speech is generally thought to be controlled by the left hemisphere of the brain, research has shown that music engages the entire brain. Therefore it can improve the communication between the two hemispheres and enhance processing.

Using instruments, singing, and movement, I can address a variety of speech, language, and communication goals such as:

  • Using specific movements, speech sounds, words, phrases and sentences
  • Saying longer words by tapping out each syllable
  • Improving grammar and sentence structure
  • Improving vocabulary
  • Learning to understand and use new language concepts
  • Improving social communication skills
  • Improving breath control